Instagram was created as an app for phones and tablets and was meant to capture our quick moments. After being launched in October, 2010, the young platform rose like a rocket gaining instant popularity for its easy-to-use picture-taking and picture-sharing functionalities. But not all of us rely on our phones or iPads for photography. And that’s where I, Read More

A couple of years ago when I became a travel blogger and my personal Facebook account turned from private to public, I was suddenly confronted with the need of increasing my numbers. Obviously, as a travel blogger I wanted a wider audience than just my personal friends, so I started joining interest groups for the purpose of interacting, Read More

The TBEX meeting is over and so is our beautiful mini-vacation in Lloret de Mar. What a wonderful experience this was! TBEX Costa Brava was actually my first travel bloggers’ meeting ever and now that it’s over I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I was a nerve wreck before attending it. I, Read More

What do you do when your inspiration leaves you? When your imagination runs dry and no writing ideas come to your blurry mind? When all the topics seem banal? How can you inspire others when you yourself are not inspired? You just created a beautiful blog. A year went by and success started showing its precious glitter somewhere in the, Read More

Today marks my blog’s one year anniversary and I thought I’d share some thoughts with you…  They say it’s the journey that matters and not the destination, which is good because I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going. A year ago when I started this blog I didn’t have the slightest idea about blogging,, Read More

It is any website owner’s nightmare come true. You wake up one morning to discover that your site was hacked and you are now selling “Cialis from a Licensed Canadian Pharmacist” instead of running a photography blog. What’s worse, you can’t even see the word “Cialis” on your website, but some friend who typed in your domain name, Read More