Up in the Black Hills of Yavapai County in the State of Arizona, overlooking the Verde Valley, lies the ghost town of Jerome. But before Jerome was Jerome, it was the site of a small mine where the local Yavapai tribe mined copper for their jewelry. The town’s history goes back to the late 1800s when the first miners, Read More

For many first-time visitors, the northern part of Arizona is a surprise: it’s not a desert as they expected, nor is it boiling hot like the rest of the state. Areas like the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and Sedona actually enjoy a temperate climate which is why they are great travel destinations year round. Sedona is known for it’s magnificent scenery, arts, Read More

No, it was not George Clooney who made Lake Como famous. The tranquil Italian retreat has always been a magnet for the elite. Noble families, artists, royalty, world leaders and the cream of Old Hollywood visited Lake Como since before World War I. But until Clooney’s real estate purchase Lake Como was not on the radar of, Read More

I knew I was going to like Lake Como even before I got to see it. It is one of those places that is hard to believe it’s quite real. A perfect mix of scenery, culture and seduction. Quaint villages, elegant villas and snow-capped mountains. It is hard not to fall in love with it. The Y-shaped Lake Como has seduced, Read More

But for an article I’ve read in the National Geographic Expeditions magazine, I might have not discovered the beautiful valley of the Engadin. The article was actually about the Bernina Express, one of the many Scenic Swiss Trains that runs from St. Moritz to Tirano, passing through some of the most spectacular sceneries ever imagined. The pictures were, Read More

There are cities just feel right.  Whether it’s the skyline, or the scenery around, or the people, Vancouver is one of those places that inspire you to take pictures. It’s clean, it’s sophisticated, it’s gorgeous and it also has a good climate. It’s a pleasure to take pictures here. Here are a few shots from around the city. The, Read More

High above the sun-filled valley of Engadin, in the area of Pontresina, lies one of the most spectacular mountain peaks in Switzerland: the Diavolezza (the she-devil). The legend has it that long, long ago, a beautiful, red-haired she-devil used to live in these mountains. The hunters rarely spotted the spirit and when they did they could, Read More

  The gold frenzy was arguably one of the most significant events that shaped the history of the United States in the first half of the 19th century. As the gold began luring people to the west coast, quiet settlements were turned into boomtowns. Jacksonville was one of those places that lost its anonymity overnight when gold nuggets were discovered in, Read More

         Last night, as I was getting ready to write an article for The Weekly Postcard, I realized this series turned into something very different from what was initially intended.  The Weekly Postcard was started a little over a year ago, as a series of snapshots featuring some of my favorite places in the world. In, Read More