Budapest is one of those cities that seems to leave a mark on everyone who visits it. A place you would never get bored of, no matter how many times you go. There is always something left to see, something that will draw you back, like a beautiful woman who  winks at you right before she turns the corner., Read More

Ever since I first came to Budapest, my Hungarian friends kept telling me that I should visit Szentendre. But why would I want to spend time away from my beloved Budapest, just to see a small provincial town? The only thing I really knew about Szentendre was that it’s home to some nice small museums and cute souvenir shops,, Read More

         My love affair with Budapest started about ten years ago when I accompanied my husband on a trip to visit his extended family in Hungary. My first contact with the city was truly love at first sight. Something about that place made me feel like I belonged there since forever, Read More