How to Overcome a Writer’s Block – Tools To Help You Get Inspired

    How to Overcome a Writer’s Block – Tools To Help You Get Inspired
    Last updated: September, 2019

    Did you ever experience writer’s block? When your imagination runs dry and no writing ideas come to your blurry mind? When all topics seem banal and nothing inspires you? How can you inspire others when you yourself are not inspired? You’ve come to a bump in the road, but overcoming writer’s block is not impossible.

    Identifying writer’s block

    You just created a beautiful travel blog. A year went by and success started showing its precious glitter somewhere in the distance. You thought you learned the ropes and all you have to do is sit in front of your keyboard and your words will keep popping through your fingers. But no, they don’t. You think you may be tired and it will  all go away tomorrow. But day after day goes by and you feel empty. No ideas, no desire to write, no inspiration. What you are experiencing is called writer’s block and at one point or another it happens to all those who write. Writing is hard work that requires discipline and the right state of mind.

    How to Overcome a Writer’s Block

    When inspiration lets you down, your motivation steps in to pick you up. Although motivation and inspiration are thousand of miles apart, there are times when you can only rely on psyching yourself up. So here are some tools you can use to help you overcome writer’s block:

    • Take a little break and relax

    You can’t create anything if you are stressed out. The process of writing requires a clear mind and a relaxed body. You won’t be able to think properly if you’re anxious or have other things on your mind. The word inspiration means to be in spirit. Inspiration isn’t something you get, it comes from within. Don’t panic and don’t stress out about writing. Give yourself a break. Sometimes all you need a little time off from your computer.

    • Read

    When you are out of ideas, reading books, or magazines or even other people’s posts may plant little seeds into your empty mind. Maybe now is the time to read all those posts that you just glanced while busy writing your own. They may help you get inspired.

    • Review your goal

    Think about what made you start your blog in the first place. What inspired you then? You most likely had something to say. Something you wanted to share with others. It wasn’t how much you wrote, but what you wrote about, right? Whenever you feel like you’re trying to fulfill a quota you are not enjoying what you do. Don’t think about what you should be doing, but about why you should be doing it. What do you really want?

    • Go through your old travel photos

    Sometimes just glancing your old travel photos will bring sweet memories to mind and help you get inspired. Because I am a photo maniac, I always have a ton of pictures to help me get ideas.  But if you don’t have that many photos of your own, try looking at some beautiful ones on the Internet. Beautiful photography blogs can easily trigger your imagination.

    • Listen to Music

    While listening to music in a state of meditation may not give you any ideas on topics to write about, listening to music while trying to write may be very beneficial. Personally, I find it very inspiring to play music while I write, but for some people exactly the opposite may be true. If the background sound may disrupt your thinking, maybe it’s better to just close your eye and listen to some music before you write.

    • Check the calendar of events in your town

    If your mind is completely blank and you have exhausted all your past experiences, try getting some inspiration from your local town calendar. There is a great array of events going on each month in every little town or big city in this world. For you it may no longer be exciting as you’ve-been-there-done-that for the past whatever years you lived in that place. But what’s old to you may be new to others in other parts of the world.

    This may not be an exhaustive list of tips for finding your inspiration, but I hope these ideas may help you overcome your writer’s block. If you have any other tips that you would like to share with me, please jot them down in the comments section.