Vancouver Colors – a Photo Essay

    Vancouver Colors – a Photo Essay

    There are cities just feel right.  Whether it’s the skyline, or the scenery around, or the people, Vancouver is one of those places that inspire you to take pictures. It’s clean, it’s sophisticated, it’s gorgeous and it also has a good climate. It’s a pleasure to take pictures here.


    Here are a few shots from around the city. The featured image of this post represents some concrete silos on Granville Island there have been transformed into a vibrant mural by the internationally acclaimed street artists, OSGEMEOS.

    capilano bridge
    Capilano Suspension Bridge
    View of the downtown from the Lookout Tower at the Harbor Center
    Granville Island, Vancouver

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    AGA_8747AGA_8899AGA_8885 AGA_8728

    Lion’s Gate Bridge


    View of the downtown from Stanley Park
    View of the downtown from the Granville Island

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