Hungary has many interesting destinations, but most tourists never go beyond Budapest. About two hours away from Budapest and an hour away from Eger are the Miscolc-Tapolca Cave Baths. This is an extraordinary miracle of the nature. What makes this place very unique is that it is a thermal bath inside an actual cave. You swim and play in a large cave system, with water temperatures around 30° Celsius. 

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The History of Wine in Hungary

       The history of wine in Hungary goes back to Roman times. There are over 22 official viticultural regions in the country offering a very diverse variety of grapes. Some regions are famous for their white wines, other for their reds, but rosé wines became increasingly popular lately on the international market, with Tokaji Aszú as the best known throughout the world. Eger, in the northern part of the country, produces elegant reds, especially the Bikavér blends, but  they do not have the body of the reds from the south. The southern area of the country, also known as the Great Plain, is responsible for over half of the country’s wine production. With private enterprise starting to develop slowly only after 1989, after the fall of the Soviet bloc, the Hungarian winemaking has diversified a lot over the past years, with small wineries appearing all over the country. 


      The best known Hungarian wines are Tokaji Aszú and Egri Bikavér, the later being produced in two regions of the country: Eger and Szekszárd. Read More


       My love affair with Budapest started about ten years ago when I accompanied my husband on a trip to visit his extended family in Hungary. My first contact with the city was truly love at first sight. Something about that place made me feel like I belonged there since forever and believe me, it wasn’t my husband’s relatives. Since then we went back very many times and that feeling still persists.

With my son and my mother-in-law in front of the Royal Palace gate, in 2004 (photograph by Laszlo Galffy)

With my son and my mother-in-law in front of the Royal Palace gate, in 2004 (photo by Laszlo Galffy)

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