Riga is an increasingly popular travel destination and for a good reason. Since Latvia regained its independence in 1991 Riga has flourished, becoming a vibrant cosmopolitan city with lot of museums, fashionable restaurants and a very rich cultural life. Besides its stunning medieval Old Town filled with winding alleyways and charming squares, the city also brags about one of the richest collections, Read More

Location, location, location. Set in an Art Nouveau-style building dating from 1884, Rixwell Centra is a budget hotel right in the middle of Old Town Riga, within walking distance from all the attractions. Its proximity to a big shopping mall, museums, great restaurants, pubs and live music bars, make Rixwell Centra a great choice for a visit to Riga. The hotel is easy, Read More

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A paraphrase of George Santayana’s quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” Some wounds should probably remain open forever so that people can never forget. This was my first thought as I opened the small wooden door of the Corner House – the, Read More

  Riga is all about Art Nouveau architecture, a style that gave the city its trademark look. Intricate floral designs, expressive masks and elaborate geometric forms still decorate the building façades all over the city. They say you can’t stand anywhere in Riga Centre without seeing at least three art nouveau buildings.   The, Read More

Up in the Baltic region, on the banks of the Daugava River, lies one the greatest architectural treasures in Europe – Riga, Latvia’s long-enduring capital. Over its tumultuous existence Riga knew many times of glory and prosperity. But, as it happened in many other European cities, the destruction of the Second World War followed by the Soviet occupation left, Read More