Shortly after arriving in Spain’s Costa Brava we started regretting that we planned to spend only three days in this beautiful region. Its rocky coves, sandy beaches and tranquil villages stole our hearts from the start. The serene rugged coast with its green umbrella pines and turquoise waters seemed so peaceful and inviting. But, Read More

It was late afternoon when we arrived in Barcelona. By the time we claimed our luggage and headed for the car rental agency it already started raining. Darn it! As if driving in a foreign country after 16 hours on the plane was not hard enough, the rain was making our road to Costa Brava even more difficult. Our, Read More

The TBEX meeting is over and so is our beautiful mini-vacation in Lloret de Mar. What a wonderful experience this was! TBEX Costa Brava was actually my first travel bloggers’ meeting ever and now that it’s over I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I was a nerve wreck before attending it. I, Read More

After staying at Parador de Carmona we were convinced that nothing can top off the experience . But when you think you have seen the best parador in Andalusia, you are surprised by an even more beautiful one. Jaén beats it all. Located in a 13th century castle, Parador de Jaéen is one of the most unique that we have visited, Read More

What is a Parador? Mainly found in Spain and Portugal, Paradores are luxury hotels located in historic buildings such as fortresses, monasteries, or castles. This profitable state-run enterprise was founded in 1928 by King Alfonso XIII, as a means to promote tourism in Spain. Since then, Spain has turned many of its historic buildings into government owned Paradores. Because of the, Read More

Also known as Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, the Cathedral of Seville is the 3rd largest church building in the world and also the 3rd biggest one in Europe, after Saint Peter (in the Vatican) and Saint Paul ( in London, UK). In my humble opinion, is the most beautiful and spectacular one of all. Cervantes,, Read More

      One of the most famous landmarks of Spain is the Alhambra palace complex. Situated on a hilltop and covering more than 400 acres, this complex is not only home to a series of palaces, but also showcases more than 400 plants and a great number of wild animals and birds.  The original construction was a small fortress, Read More