Six Fun Things to Do in Juneau in One Day – Guide for First Time Visitors

    Six Fun Things to Do in Juneau in One Day – Guide for First Time Visitors
    Last updated: June, 2018

    Juneau is perhaps the most remote capital city in the United States. There are no roads connecting this city to the rest of Alaska or to the rest of North America. The extremely rugged terrain surrounding the city makes Juneau a de facto island in terms of transportation. You must either take a plane, a boat or a ferry to get there. Juneau lies at the base of a high coastal mountain range and just across the channel from Douglas Island. Despite being a small city, there are plenty  of fun things to do in Juneau for visitors. Exploring Juneau on your own is quite possible. However, if your time is limited, it’s a good idea to book a couple of tours as well. They will take you to some places where it’s hard to make it on your own.

    View of the bay in Juneau

    The first thing that will catch your eye is the big number of seaplanes taking off and landing in the port area. Given that most visitors arrive in Juneau via cruise ships, the average stay in this town is not more than two days. There are plenty of things do in Juneau if you have time, but like most tourists we were there just for one day.

    Things to do in Juneau on your own

       • Walk to the Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls

    The astounding Mendenhall Glacier is only about 12 miles from town and offers several opportunities to visit it. For a minimal fee, the local bus will take you within ½ mile of the park entrance and the glacier. There are several trails in the park that can take you in or around Mendenhall Glacier, the lake and the river.


    trail to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau
    Trail to the Mendenhall Glacier

    We especially enjoyed hiking up to Nugget Falls, at the right side of the Glacier. The trail starts at the visitor’s center and is an easy 2-mile walk along the lake shore. The spectacular waterfall drops 377 feet onto the sandy beach of the Mendenhall Lake.

    Nugget Falls in Juneau
    Nugget Falls in Juneau

       • Ride the Tramway to the Top of Mount Roberts

    For those that want to get a glimpse of Alaska’s vast forests and mountainous terrain, try taking the Aerial Tramway for a quick ride to the top of Mount Roberts. If you arrive via cruise ship, upon disembarking you will see the bright red Tramway right next to the docks.

    Tramway to the Top of Mount Roberts in Juneau

    aerial view of Juneau

    The admission ticket is good all day, so if you loved the first ride you can go up again later. There are plenty of things to do at the top. You can eat, shop, watch a short cultural film, explore art, see an American Bald Eagle, or just walk around. There are several short trails through the forest surrounding the visitor center. The view from up there is fantastic.

    Bold eagle in Juneau

    waking through the forest is one of the things to do in Juneau

       • Have Lunch at the Red Dog Saloon

    If you are looking for an authentic western style bar that fits Alaska well, stop for a beer and a bite at the Red Dog Saloon. The place is very nicely decorated and the food is quite good. You can see animal trophies and funny artifacts all around. Even Wyatt Earp’s gun is on display, hanging on the wall! The sawdust floors and the waitresses wearing brothel apparel make the place very atmospheric. There is live music and the service is excellent. 

    The Red Dog Saloon in Juneau

    inside The Red Dog Saloon in Juneau

       • Take a stroll through the historic town and do some shopping

    One of the best things to do in Juneau is shopping. The town has a wealth of shopping opportunities which make it a very popular port with cruise ship visitors. Some of the art stores in Juno are quite a feast for the eye. From ivory sculptures and carved totem poles, to very unique knives and silver jewelry with totemic designs, you can find great things for almost every budget. If you like walking and shopping, pick up a map from the Visitor Center and be your own guide. Exploring historic Juneau on your own is easy.  It won’t take more than a couple of hours, even if you’ll stop at every little shop on the way.

    walking the streets of historic Juneau

    For a more informative tour, you can join a local Juneau-Douglas City Museum guide that will take you through the part of the original townsite. You will hear a lot of stories about the personalities of early Juneau and learn how Juneau’s mining past shaped up this little town.

    Things to do in Juneau by guided tour

       • Take Helicopter Flight  with Glacier Landing

    The most memorable and exciting trip in my opinion is the helicopter tour up to Mendenhall Glacier with a landing on the glacier itself. Despite its rapid retreat in recent years, this glacier is well worth a visit if you’re in Juneau, especially if you have never been on one before. The trip is relatively expensive, but the entire experience is absolutely unique. Before landing on the glacier, the helicopter will take you around the bay and over the mountains for about 30 minutes. If the weather is good, you will enjoy stunning views of the entire Inside Passage up to tens of miles away.

    view of Juneau from the helicopter

    walking on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

    After landing, you will have the opportunity to walk on this huge mountain of ice that looks like a river that was frozen in its tracks. The tour is great and you will learn very interesting things about the ice field and the climate change.

       • Mendenhall Lake Canoe Adventure

    There are a lot of paddling options in Juneau, but Mendenhall Glacier paddling will get you close to the icy giant across the serene waters of the lake, navigating past floating icebergs. On the way to the glacier you can see birds, goats and a lot of salmon. You row up to the beach where you stop to see the waterfalls and then turn back. You can’t beat this view of the glacier from the canoe!

    people on the beach at Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau

    There are many more great things to do in Juneau if you have more time to spend there. We had to see Juneau in one day, but it was an exciting and fun filled time!