Interview with Miguel, from “Travel Sauro”

    Last updated: July, 2019

    travelsauroMeet the latest blogger featured on my monthly series Travel Blogger Interviews. Miguel, from Travel Sauro,  is a passionate photographer, hiker and explorer, always in search for extraordinary destinations. Miguel’s beautiful photographs and travel stories are a great source of inspirations for those who want to experience the less traveled corners of this world.


    Tell us a little about yourself: Who are you? Where are you from?

    My name is Miguel and I’m from the Basque Country, Spain. I used to work as an architect but I lost my job due to the crisis in Europe and I’ve been traveling ever since! I’m a backpacker, hiker, photographer and explorer. I love to visit remote countries to explore different cultures and horizons and I allways try to do some hiking in every country I visit if there are any nice mountains around.


    What is your blog about and how did you start blogging?

    My blog – Travel Sauro–  is about off the beaten path adventures like hiking, diving and paragliding in places like Papua, Timor, Africa, South America, the Caribbeans, etc. I started bloging as a way keep to in touch with my family and friends so they could see what I was doing. Later I moved from my old blog to this new one because I wanted to reach more people and share all my adventures.


    Do you travel for business or for pleasure?

    I’ve allways traveled for pleasure, but I do some works at the same time in order to fund my travels.


    Other than travel and blogging, what other interests do you have?

    I love all kind of outdoor adventure sports like hiking, rafting, climbing, horseback riding, diving, etc.

    Miguel hiking Mount Roraima in Venezuela


    What is the one thing that is too large or impractical to travel with that you wish you could take with you when you travel?

    A good tripod! I know there are some decent small ones,  but I really miss one of those good, big stable tripods.


    What is your favorite mode of transportation? (airplane, boat, train, or car)

    I know it’s not the most comfortable one, but I think bus is my favorite, maybe I’ve taken so many that I got used to it! haha


    Do you have any funny travel story?

    I allways try to imitate the different spanish accents from Latin America. I remember once that I was in Cuba and I started talking to some friends with my Cuban accent. Well, some Cuban people around us though that I was actually Cuban and they began talking to me. I had no choice but to keep talking with that accent for a while because otherwise they might have been offended. Some of my friends where laughing like crazy.


    What has been your most successful post so far and what is it about?

    My most successful post was Travel guide for backpacking the Caribbean on a budget. There I explain how to travel on a budget all the way from Venezuela up to Puerto Rico along the Lesser Antilles. I managed to visit some of the most expensive islands in the world on a low budget, by hitchhiking, camping on the beach, cooking all my meals, etc. It was a great trip!


    What is the most unusual food that you have ever eaten?

    mmm… Maybe that time when I eat a raw larvae in the Peruvian jungle or those big ants in Colombia. The ants were actually pretty good too.

    Old man in Papua


    What inspires you to travel, what kind of places appeal to you?

    I like to visit places with a very different culture, language, tradition, etc. And of course, countries where I can practice some adventure sports!


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