Interview with Vlad Mateescu from “Eff’ It, I’m On Holiday”

    Last updated: February, 2018

    Meet the latest blogger featured in the monthly series Travel Blogger Interviews. Vlad, the creator of Eff It, I’m On Holiday, is a traveler from Romania who has been passionate about visiting new places ever since childhood, when he used to explore his home country during the endless summers. Nowadays, with a full time job, he makes the most of his annual leave, discovering wonderful places all over Europe.


    1. What is your blog about and how did you start blogging?

    Before I started Eff It I’m On Holiday, I was just looking for a place to upload my travel photos, but this thought turned into “hey, I miss writing so why not start a travel blog and see how it goes”. On my blog I am documenting my trips, hoping to inspire and help people as well. I don’t write from the perspective of a travel expert or a nomad that’s always on the road, but as someone full of wanderlust, always planning another getaway.


    2. Do you feel that blogging takes time away from your social life?

    I don’t, I usually plan my time so I have enough for both. I often write at night, it’s when I feel the most creative. However, if I’m being truly honest, there are times when I’m out with friends and my mind wanders at what I have to write for the next post. 😕


    3. You take very beautiful photos. Which do you feel is your biggest passion: blogging, travel, or photography?

    Thank you! My biggest passions are without a doubt travel and photography, as I can’t have one without the other. If I’m in a new place and you don’t see the camera strapped around my arm, it’s probably because I’m sleeping. I got into blogging afterwards and while I am always ready to go on a new trip, there are times when writing doesn’t come as naturally.


    4. Do you have a role model as a blogger, someone whom you admire and hold in high esteem?

    Not someone in particular, but I admire all the part time travelers who manage to mix their full time daily lives with their passion for travel, and in addition to always feeling inspired by them, I also have a lot to learn from them. I think that people are usually under the impression that they can only take one holiday a year so I love how us bloggers let people know it’s okay to travel more often, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or two weeks abroad.


    5. What is the one thing that is too large or impractical to travel with that you wish you could take with you when you travel?

    My dog. I have a small Chihuahua (so size is not an issue 😉  and she would get scared about everything – plane, new places, won’t sleep in her own bed. So she’s happier back home and anxiously waits for my return each time.


    6. What is the #1 country on your bucket list?

    I’ve always said to everyone who would listen that Iceland is the #1 country on my bucket list, ever since high school when I had to do a project and fell in love with this small island full of wonderful places that I didn’t even think they existed. For a long time it seemed like a destination I may never visit, since it’s so far away and expensive, but lately I’ve been thinking more and more about it and I feel like I may actually get to see my dream come true.


    7. Are there any countries that you would not consider visiting and why?

    Not really, despite what prejudices other people may have about certain countries, I would actually like to go everywhere if I had the chance. However, there are places where I wouldn’t go now, for different reasons – diseases, war, or political situation.


    8. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

    When thinking about words to describe myself, “adventurous” wouldn’t be on the list. It is not because I don’t like to step out of my comfort zone, but because I seldom have the chance. One time however, I was at a concert at the seaside and afterwards we have decided to go for a swim, but no one had their bathing suits so we went to the hotel and by the time we were done changing and eating, it got around 3 AM. We still went and there was no one around so after a swim, we warmed up with some towels and watched shooting stars on the beach.


    9. In terms of family, career, travel, etc. where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

    I’m happy I don’t get asked this too often because I never know what to say, as I don’t have a long term plan, I can only hope that I’ll continue to travel and see new countries every year. One of my dreams is to live abroad, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen in 5, 10 or 20 years, so I wish I’ll be healthy and whatever needs to happen will happen.

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