Introducing Trova Trip – A Curated Group Travel For Young Professionals

    Last updated: May, 2018

    Taking a trip to Europe for the first time can be somewhat intimidating. Especially if you are a solo traveler or a busy professional with little time for travel arrangements. Reading books and travel blogs about your destination is important because they will give you a better sense about your destination. An informed traveler is always a better traveler, but that will not replace the tedious job of travel planning. Unfortunately not all of us have the time and experience required to plan a trip to the most minute detail. And without a good planning, chances are you will be missing a lot of interesting experiences on your trip. That’s why I want to introduce to you Trova Trip.


    What is Trova Trip?

    Trova Trip is a curated group travel for young professionals. The company provides all the planning, transportation and the inside scoop from the amazing guides they hire.What sets them apart from other travel companies? They offer very customizable trips at a very reasonable prices. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful destinations and they will tailor an authentic 10-day experience for you. The groups are very small, up to 20 people only. Trova Trip wants to make travel more personal and accessible, so they customize the trip according to your preferences and pair you up with other like-minded travelers looking for similar experiences. They choose a very authentic itinerary and use local guides who can provide you with a truly genuine experience and some great insider tips. Trova Trip offers great payment plans for those interested in joining them. With Trova Pass you can pay only $99 / month for 12 months or $198 / month for 6 months. After the last installment you can select a trip of your choice. You can choose your preferences and they’ll match you to a trip with others like you. 

    Ever heard of Trova Trip? If interested, read more about Trova Trip here.

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