Guide to Visiting Strängnäs – Sweden Off the Beaten Path

    Guide to Visiting Strängnäs – Sweden Off the Beaten Path
    Last updated: September, 2019

    The quiet town of Strängnäs may not be on the list of famous Swedish destinations, but its idilic location on the shores of Lake Mälaren make it a very attractive place to visit. Strängnäs is one of Sweden’s oldest towns. The town dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was a church administrative center.

    A Brief History of Strägnäs

    The history of Strängnäs dates back to the Viking era in Sweden. The oldest document that formally recognizes the town was granted by King Magnus Eriksson in 1336. The city became of importance in the Södermanland province when Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden in Strängnäs Cathedral in 1523. The town served as the governing assembly place and was also famous for an annual market that was held here.

    Walking through town
    Walking through town

    During the Reformation era Strängnäs was a very important religious and military spot. As a result the impressive Strängnäs Cathedral was built. After the Reformation however, the urban development slowed down considerably, so the town didn’t continue to extend.

    In 1871 large parts of Strängnäs were destroyed in a fire, but luckily some areas survived. The parts that remained are around the old windmill and the cathedral. Here you can also find some of the oldest houses in town.

    Things to do in Strägnäs, Sweden

    Because of its close proximity to Stockholm, Strängnäs makes a pleasant and easy day trip from the capital. In fact, many of the town’s 11,000 inhabitants commute to Stockholm daily. One of the nice things about this town is that you could benefit from a free guided tour provided by local volunteers who are always glad to share their unique knowledge with the visitors. But in case you like to visit the town by yourself, here are some of the things you shouldn’t miss:

    Strängnäs harbor area
    The harbor area in Strängnäs

    • Walk Around the Harbor Area

    Strängnäs’ little harbor on the shore of Lake Mälaren gives the town a lovely atmosphere. Lake Mälaren is Sweden’s 3rd largest lake and offers a lot of activities. You can walk along the shores and enjoy the great view, relax in one of the beautiful parks, or if the weather is warm, you can also go for for a swim or fishing.

    harbor area in Stragnas
    The harbor area

    The climate around Lake Mälaren seems to be quite different from the other areas in Sweden, with more humid and warmer days in the summer, and not as cold in the winter. Because of that, there are several species of flowers and trees that grow only in this area. 

    • Visit Strängnäs Cathedral

    The Cathedral is located on a beautiful spot, up on a hill towering the city. It’s difficult to miss it when walking around and is just a short walk away no matter where you are in town. Strängnäs’ cathedral is a well preserved historical building, closely tied to Sweden’s history, as several Swedish kings are buried here.

    things to do in Stockholm, visiting Stragnas Cathedral
    Strägnäs Cathedral

    One of the most impressive pieces in the cathedral is the high altar cabinet, that dates back to the 1490’s. The tomb of Princess Isabella –the daughter of King Johan III who died in Gripsholm in 1566– is covered by a beautiful monument.

    • Have Breakfast at Café Grassagarden

    The lovely little garden café located in one of the oldest buildings in Strängnäs is the perfect place to sit in the sun (or even indoors) and have breakfast, or lunch, or just simply enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. They have special rooms for larger parties to book, too. Grassagarden Café is just off the harbor and has an interesting historic setting. Each of the dining rooms us laid out in a country cottage style, with fresh flowers on each table.

    Café in Stragnas
    Café Grassagarden

    The small selection of daily dishes, Swedish pastries, coffee and sweets are fantastic. Everything is home made and delicious!!

    • Enjoy Lunch at Rogge Bageriet 

    Don’t miss this place if you are visiting Strängnäs This remarkable café-bakery is one of the best spots in town to enjoy a unique lunch. The café is located on the main square in town, very close to the cathedral and the harbor. They serve a great variety of home-made bakery products, delicious salads and a wonderful bread directly from the oven. Their cinnamon buns are the whole familie’s favorites. 

    having lunch at Rogge Bageriet  in Stragnas
    Rogge Bageriet 

    The Best Western Hotel Rogge right above the café is also owned by the family. The hotel was built in 1921 and features 34 rooms, conference & event facilities, a restaurant, bar, lounge, and an outdoor roof-top hot tub.

    lunch at Rogge Bageriet in Stragnas

    • Take a Day trip to Mariefred

    Just 25 minutes away via E20 you can visit the Gripsholm Castle and Mariefred, another town in Strängnäs municipality that also has plenty to offer when it comes to history.

    Mariefred town - a day trip from Strängnäs
    The town of Mariefred

    How to Get to Strägnäs from Stockholm

    Strängnäs is just an hour away from Stockholm and can be easily reached either by car on highway E20, by bus using the green line, or by the regular trains from the Central Station.