ReboundTAG Luggage Tracker – How To Prevent Your Luggage From Getting Lost

    ReboundTAG Luggage Tracker – How To Prevent Your Luggage From Getting Lost
    Last updated: July, 2019

    What is your worst nightmare when you travel? Mine is having my luggage lost. I am one of those people for whom the carry-on rarely works. Between my two pairs of extra shoes and my toiletry bag, the carry-on is almost full. And space is not my only concern with the carry-on luggage lately. Since a few years ago when the airline industry geared up to make travelers’ life miserable, weight became an issue too. So even if I pack efficiently, I still can’t dump all I need into a carry-on because of weight issues.  And so, I always end up by checking a bag.3d illustration: A group of trunks

    Checking a bag shouldn’t be a big problem if those involved in the process would do their job right, you know, like you would expect doctors or nurses to do their job. But your luggage can’t breath and can’t bleed, so its faith is in the hands of people who sometimes check your passport holding it upside down.

    If you are one of the few lucky ones who never had their luggage lost, then you can’t understand the stress and frustration you feel when your suitcase fails to appear on the baggage carousel. Yes, the airline will offer you a compensation if your luggage is never found, but what about if it’s found a week after you return home from your trip? You’ll get a $50 check to cover for some emergency items the airlines considers you were entitled to buy since your suitcase didn’t arrive. Believe me, nothing ruins your vacation like a no-show luggage.

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    Research from SITA –the creators of the World Tracer System for baggage– found that 24.1million bags have been mishandled (lost and temporarily mislaid) in 2014, a figure that translates as 7.3 bags per 1,000 passengers. How is that for your reassurance? The same research found that of the 24.1million lost bags, 49% went missing due to “transfer mishandling,” 15% because of “failure to load”, 15% due to a “ticketing error” and the rest due to a mix of tagging errors.

    So what can you do to prevent your luggage from being lost? Microchip it! In July, 2014 ReboudTAG was created as a new technology to help recover lost luggage at the airport.


    Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.34.43 PMWhat is ReboudTAG?

    ReboundTAG is the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide. This is achieved by using multiple layers of technology in a single tag and integrating with global baggage handling systems. ReboundTAG has been showcased by Lufthansa at the Annual General Meeting of IATA (the international airline regulator), as a way of preventing lost luggage globally.



    ReboudTag different from any other luggage tracker

    Two different RFID tags are used in ReboundTAG: one is a digital identifier that tells the system who the bag belongs to;  the other can be reprogrammed with your travel details each time you arrive at a desk and check your bags. ReboundTAG is also equipped with a printed barcode and number that can also be used. Best of all, should the bag get lost, the owner of the luggage is alerted of its location in real-time via email or SMS and receive updates about the time when the bag will be delivered.


    Pricing Information

    Retail price for one tag is US$31.99. Price includes 1 year membership, after this the individual pays their own membership fee of $4.99 per year. The membership includes unlimited use and unlimited updates from the company and the baggage handling company partners when the bag is found.

    ReboundTAG was designed for travelers and companies alike. It means that a bag is protected worldwide when a person travels. It is a sleek, sturdy and easy to attach tag, that will fit nicely next to your name tag on your suitcase handle.


    ReboundTag is not an anti-theft device. If your luggage gets stolen, the microchip tag can easily be removed to prevent recovery. ReboundTag is intended to protect your luggage from being lost forever in the airport while you are traveling to/from your destination. It will also help you recover your bag faster if it’s mishandled.