Weekly Postcard: Oslo Waterfront

    Weekly Postcard: Oslo Waterfront
    Oslo Waterfront
    Last updated: July, 2017

    Today’s postcard comes from Vlad, at Eff It, I’m On Holiday.

          Four years ago, the waterfront in Oslo has been graced with a beautiful sculpture called She Lies (Hun ligger, in Norwegian), by Monica Bonvicini. Described as “a monument to a state of permanent change”, it can be found right next to the famous Opera House, it’s impossible to miss, and I don’t think there was a better place for it than this one. Floating on the Oslofjord, the sculpture is made of stainless steel and glass panels, resembling an iceberg.

    However, the most interesting part is that on the platform that it’s built upon there are a lot of glass shards, meant to symbolize the global warming and the effect it has on our planet. To get a closer look of the sculpture, I recommend one of the Båtservice cruises that pass the Opera House, they offer three types of cruises, a short hop on – hop off cruise, one that takes two hours and passes all the beautiful islands, and a three hour one on a traditional wooden sailing ship with a Norwegian prawn buffet. While I am not usually a fan of modern art, not only have I found this sculpture stunning, I also thought it’s inspiring and eye-opening.