It doesn’t take long to drive the 20 miles of straightaway road that runs beside the Loire River from Blois to Amboise, but I was in a hurry that afternoon. After three days of rain, the sun had finally shown its face giving me a chance to take a few shots of the beautiful Château d’Amboise. We had been circling the, Read More

With its pale stone and sloping black roofs, Château de Chaumont rises above the the bald hill from which it derives its name (chauve mont meaning “bald hill”). Like most châteaux in the Loire Valley, the beautiful Chaumont was entangled in intrigue, revenge, and rivalries.   A Brief History Château de Chaumont was initially built as a defense fortress during, Read More

As you travel the tree-shaded road that leads to Chambord, you’ll first spot the castle’s incredible towers rising above the vast forest that surrounds it. When the entire château breaks into view, the sight is absolutely stunning. Château de Chambord is really gigantic, imposing, beautiful. It is undoubtedly one of the most grandiose buildings in France. Although it has the, Read More

Few people can resist visiting the Loire Valley, the epitome of picture-perfect castles. The region was much loved by many of the French Kings and noblemen who competed to build ever more elaborate and luxurious chateaux. And just when you thought you’ve seen the best in the Loire Valley, here comes another beautiful castle to take, Read More

History can be strange and fascinating sometimes. Especially when political intrigue, great love, jealousy and revenge are involved. But what would a castle be without all that? Chenonceau is widely considered the most beautiful château in France, but without its unique history it would probably be just another castle in the Loire Valley. The story of Chenonceau is, Read More

The Loire Valley’s spectacular scenery, fine wines and amazing châteaux have lured visitors for centuries. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a large number of castles in one area. But beyond their beauty, the chateaux of the Loire Valley are an expression of France’s history. These fortified palaces were in fact the central points around which towns, Read More

The little town of Avignon might have never risen to fame but for the lavish and enormous Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), the austere-looking fortress that served as the popes’ residence for nearly 70 years. Why Avignon and not Rome, you may ask. Fourteenth century Rome was a dangerous place, so when the Frenchman Clemens V was elected, Read More

When I think of Avignon, the first thing that comes to my mind is the traditional French song that we used to sing as kids: “Sur le pont d’Avignon, On y danse, on y danse. Sur le pont d’Avignon, On y danse tout en rond.” When I was growing up, French culture was very much ‘en, Read More

People flock by the thousands to the French Riviera for its sun and dazzling blue waters. But for us the most endearing attraction of this area remains its hilltop villages. There are over 120 of these perched villages, each one with its own unique charm. Some of them are still enclosed by medieval walls, but all have retained their medieval appearance with covered, Read More