Driving the Parks Highway from Anchorage to Denali

    Driving the Parks Highway from Anchorage to Denali

    There aren’t many roads in Alaska. In fact, only about 20% of Alaska can be traveled by road, so If you think you may go sightseeing in Alaska by driving everywhere, you may want to reconsider. But out of the few roads Alaska can brag about, the George Parks Highway is by far the most spectacular and rewarding road to drive. We drove this road as part of our Alaska Cruise & Land package. Many tourists travel to Denali from Anchorage after their Alaska Inside Passage cruises end, so as you leave your boat the dock area looks like a bus parking lot.

    Sunrise in the port of Anchorage

    This is an all-day bus trip that can take between seven and eight hours, as the bus will make some stops at other towns and attractions on the way. You’re sitting on the bus, camera in hand, heading into the heart of Denali National Park. Looking ahead as the road unfolds, you have nothing to worry about, just enjoy the gorgeous landscape that surrounds you.


    The motorcoach is a very convenient way of traveling this road. While you don’t have the option of stopping where you’d like for pictures, or enjoy a beautiful scene at your own pace, you can kick back and enjoy the scenery while someone else is doing the driving. A great alternative to watching the bumper ahead of you. These busses are comfortable and spacious, with oversized windows and restrooms. The drivers are knowledgeable guides and all along the way you receive useful information about the places you see and hear entertaining stories.


    If you have never driven from the south of Alaska to the interior or far north you are missing some of the great nature views the state has to offer. The Parks Highway goes through mountain passes, along the top of the Alaskan Range before descending again and past scenic vistas that are simply breathtaking.


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    The George Parks Highway—more commonly referred to as the Parks Highway—is the newest of Alaska’s main highways. It links Anchorage and Fairbanks and provides the most direct access to Denali National Park. It is a joy to drive with gentle curves, broad shoulders and easy slopes and the scenery is absolutely incredible:  huge mountains, forests, meandering rivers and crystal clear lakes.


    If the weather is clear, you can see some awesome views of Mt McKinley in the distance at several points along the highway.

    View of Mount McKinley


    Before entering the Denali National Park we stopped for lunch at a small restaurant on the side of the road. The food wasn’t very good, but view of the mountains in the distance and crisp air on that patio made that much the best we ever had.


    Al also stopped at the Alaska Veteran’s Memorial, which is located within Denali State Park. The memorial consists of five 20-foot tall concrete panels, one each to represent the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, arranged in a semi-circle.

    Alaska Veteran’s Memorial

    That was my chance to take a short stroll through the forest near the monument and take a few shots of the beautiful Alaskan flora. Alaska also enjoys a great deal of wildlife, but if your stay there is short you might not be lucky to see it. The longer your tour is the more opportunity you will have to see wildlife.

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    But the pinnacle of this drive is without a question the incomparably beautiful Denali National Park. No visit to Alaska would not be complete without experiencing Denali. The park holds six million acres of lakes, tundra, mountain peaks, and wildlife dominated by Mt. McKinley (recently renamed Denali), North America’s highest peak. You will also enjoy the most beautiful scenery on this planet. 




    Once you see Denali, you’ll be mesmerized. One day in this gorgeous national park is definitely not enough. But if you want to come back and explore it more, you should just start planning way in advance. Unfortunately, there only lodging option in the park is camping, and those sites fill up pretty quickly. All the other lodging options are outside the park, but the best way to experience Denali’s wildlife is to stay within the park.