It is easy to fall in love with Florence. The city’s great history, magical gardens and abundance of art will steal your heart right away. If I didn’t write too much about our trip to Florence it is for a good reason. Between the great Italian food that I was chasing every day and my niece’s wedding, Read More

  Visitors of Florence have always been attracted to the colorful neighborhood of San Lorenzo. Its open-air market packed with stalls selling crafts, leather goods and souvenir T-shirts is always fun to browse. But more attractive than the outdoor market of San Lorenzo is the bustling indoor Mercato Centrale (the Central Market), just adjacent to the souvenir shops. Here you will find decadent pickled olives,, Read More

I like Siena. Maybe not as much as I like Florence, but I find it very alluring. It’s medieval town atmosphere with winding lanes and gothic architecture is quite charming. Unlike Florence’s gray, somber tones, Siena’s red-brick buildings catch your eye right away. The fortress-like town sits on three hills and is surrounded by olive, Read More

The European Renaissance might have began in Tuscany but Siena didn’t care to keep up with it. The Tuscan town got stuck in the Middle Ages. And why would it bother? After all it was in the Middle Ages that Siena reached the height of its splendor, becoming an independent commune after a century of the bishop’s ruling.   The, Read More

Florence. For centuries travelers have been coming here to gaze at its architectural wonders. But to the people of Florence in the 1400s the most important building in the world was the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. There was only one problem though: their beloved cathedral was missing the dome. Their predecessors had begun the church in, Read More

No, it was not George Clooney who made Lake Como famous. The tranquil Italian retreat has always been a magnet for the elite. Noble families, artists, royalty, world leaders and the cream of Old Hollywood visited Lake Como since before World War I. But until Clooney’s real estate purchase Lake Como was not on the radar of, Read More

I knew I was going to like Lake Como even before I got to see it. It is one of those places that is hard to believe it’s quite real. A perfect mix of scenery, culture and seduction. Quaint villages, elegant villas and snow-capped mountains. It is hard not to fall in love with it. The Y-shaped Lake Como has seduced, Read More

When you only have a day in a city like Milan, there is no sense in making any big plans. Trying to accomplish anything will only fill you with disappointment, especially when that one day  happens to be your first time in that city. Ultimately there are two categories of things that attract me into a big city:, Read More

Did you ever return to a place that you visited long time ago?  For me this place was Rome. Last time I visited Italy was in 1988. Twenty-five years ago. Since then I kept asking myself: why did I ever leave this magical place? I want to see Rome again, so we went. I knew I was going, Read More