Growing up in communist Romania had its own advantages. I could tell you all kinds of dreadful stories about those times and they would all be true, but not everything was bad. Yes, there were five of us living in a one bedroom apartment (sometimes even more when relatives came to visit); the lines to the grocery, Read More

Romania is a country of many customs and traditions where Christmas is undoubtedly the most tradition-filled time of the year. Many of these Christmas traditions are very old and quite unique.. Others are newer and most likely borrowed from other European countries. Although some customs may differ from region to region, Christmas in Romania is celebrated in the same manner throughout the country. During the Communist era, Read More

For most westerners Romania is this former Eastern Bloc country of Nadia Comaneci –the famous Romanian gymnast who scored the first perfect 10 in the Olympics. But few people know how beautiful this country really is and how much it has to offer. In recent years, Romanian tourism has had an ascending trend. Many of the landmarks and historic monuments that suffered neglect, Read More

A train ride in the little town of Vișeul de Sus in Maramures is quite an adventure. But then this is not just any train. Located in the northern part of Romania, Maramureș is mostly famous for its tranquil villages and well-preserved wooden churches. But if you want to experience something unique, you must, Read More

The region of Maramureș in the northern part of Romania is perhaps the most traditional area of the country. Because of its natural boundaries –enclosed by mountain ranges with peaks reaching 2300 meters– Maramureș could keep its own specific character throughout history. For most visitors of Maramureș the greatest attraction are the old traditional wooden churches and monasteries in this, Read More

Let’s put things into perspective. When it comes to food, we each have very different preferences. Even within the same culture or the same family, tastes are very different. There are some universally liked foods like pizza, french fries, or pasta. But even for those, there are as many haters as there are lovers., Read More

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it: the lights, the decorations, the parties, the music in the stores. From mid November until after New Year’s Day it is one big shuffle. And no matter how hectic, I’m still looking forward to fall under the Christmas spell each year and enjoy the old customs and, Read More

As a tourist in Romania, you may easily feel at home and forget that you are in a foreign country. But the welcoming and friendly spirit of the Romanian people will not help you over-bridge the cultural differences and understand their values. So in order to avoid a culture shock, there are some things you should know about, Read More

Romania is a country with an old culinary tradition. From the villages of Transylvania to the capital city of Bucharest, almost anywhere you stop to eat you’ll find fresh, delicious foods. Romanians like to cook and good food has always been a part of their culture. Traditional Romanian dishes are neither elegant nor fancy, but they are very tasty. Throughout the centuries, Romanian cuisine has been influenced, Read More