There are cities just feel right.  Whether it’s the skyline, or the scenery around, or the people, Vancouver is one of those places that inspire you to take pictures. It’s clean, it’s sophisticated, it’s gorgeous and it also has a good climate. It’s a pleasure to take pictures here. Here are a few shots from around the city. The, Read More

Vancouver may not be the city where you want to live. The high cost of living, tight job market and astronomical housing prices may be a set back for its potential residents, but the city’s sensual allure inspires visitors like few others do. There are high mountain peaks, sandy beaches and the rainforest. There are glass skyscrapers, world class restaurants and great cultural venues. And then there is, Read More

Please pardon my silence for the past two weeks, but even travel bloggers go on vacation sometimes. I mean real vacations, where they enjoy themselves instead of trying to keep up with social media or publish blog posts twice a week. Ah, I wish that was the real reason for my absence, but it’s not. Truth, Read More

Did you ever find yourself in front of a breathtaking scenery? For those of us who travel a lot it most likely happened a few times in our life. And when it did, the first thing that came to mind was: this place is Paradise! What is Paradise? Did anybody really see it? Probably not, but for us humans Paradise, Read More