Budapest is one of those cities that seems to leave a mark on everyone who visits it. A place you would never get bored of, no matter how many times you go. There is always something left to see, something that will draw you back, like a beautiful woman who  winks at you right before she turns the corner., Read More

Ever since I first came to Budapest, my Hungarian friends kept telling me that I should visit Szentendre. But why would I want to spend time away from my beloved Budapest, just to see a small provincial town? The only thing I really knew about Szentendre was that it’s home to some nice small museums and cute souvenir shops,, Read More

       Pest side is the more modern part of Budapest. For many centuries and since Roman times, Pest was an independent city with prosperous merchants, craftsman and traders. While the royal town of Buda served as the residence of the Hungarian rulers, Pest operated as a commercial center. Close ties between the, Read More

       My first contact with Budapest was in 2004 in Buda – the more historical part of the city – where we checked into a bed-and-breakfast, right below the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was night when we arrived, so from the airport we went directly to our hotel. The next morning we I woke, Read More

  Eger Castle       Over the course of history, Hungary had to defend its borders against many enemies so the Hungarians had to build massive castles to protect themselves. Many of these castles have been destroyed in battles or sieges and have never been rebuilt, but some of them are still standing today, as a testimony of the country’s, Read More

         My love affair with Budapest started about ten years ago when I accompanied my husband on a trip to visit his extended family in Hungary. My first contact with the city was truly love at first sight. Something about that place made me feel like I belonged there since forever, Read More

       Like with every place you visit, there are some you fall in love with instantly and others that you may find interesting, but not necessarily want to revisit. For me Budapest was love at first sight. Located in the Carpathian Basin, Budapest is in every way the centerpiece of Hungary, being not only the country’s political, Read More