As we drove through the beautiful region of Södermanland heading towards Sunlight Hotel, I didn’t expect to find luxury. After all the hotel was housed in an old soap factory from the early 20th century and that didn’t sound too promising. The impersonal aspect of the building wasn’t too inspiring either, but I wasn’t going to fuss about, Read More

Location, location, location. Set in an Art Nouveau-style building dating from 1884, Rixwell Centra is a budget hotel right in the middle of Old Town Riga, within walking distance from all the attractions. Its proximity to a big shopping mall, museums, great restaurants, pubs and live music bars, make Rixwell Centra a great choice for a visit to Riga. The hotel is easy, Read More

I love going to Europe, or Hawaii, or South America, but when I think of facing 10-12 hours of red-eye agony, I feel like giving up. My greatest problem when I fly is that I can’t sleep on the plane. Let’s face it, not many of us actually can. How would you doze off in a hard, narrow seat with the armrests digging, Read More

The Bacara Resort & Spa in Goleta, California, has all the essentials of a luxury seaside resort — tennis courts, a full-service spa, several infinity pools, fine dining venues and, of course, dramatic Pacific Ocean views. There is even a 1,000-acre ranch that borders the Los Padres National Forest where guests can take scenic hikes, Read More

I was kind of worn out as we pulled in front of the four-story building of La Bellasera Hotel that afternoon. Traffic had been a nightmare on Highway 101, coming from Los Angeles. I could hardly wait to kick off my shoes and hop on a clean bed. The lustrous marble floors of the lobby gleamed like polished, Read More

If you are a beach lover nothing will satisfy your need to be close to the water like the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort. Positioned on some of the best real estate in the Oxnard area, this all-suite resort is everything you may want for your beach vacation: waterfront playground, lots of, Read More

Hampton Inns may be your average, in the “budget” tier of Hilton properties, but every once in a while you come across one that’s just above and beyond your usual experience. Such is the case of Paso Robles Hampton Inn, nestled in the Central Coast wine region of California. If you’re familiar with the quaint bed and breakfasts, Read More

What is your worst nightmare when you travel? Mine is having my luggage lost. I am one of those people for whom the carry-on rarely works. Between my two pairs of extra shoes and my toiletry bag, the carry-on is almost full. And space is not the only concern with the carry-on luggage lately. Since a, Read More

Instagram was created as an app for phones and tablets and was meant to capture our quick moments. After being launched in October, 2010, the young platform rose like a rocket gaining instant popularity for its easy-to-use picture-taking and picture-sharing functionalities. But not all of us rely on our phones or iPads for photography. And that’s where I, Read More