Gamla Stan, the historic Old Town of Stockholm is not short of fancy restaurants to match its picturesque streets. Pop into any of them and you’ll have a great gastronomical experience. But if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something totally unique, you should go the the quirky Pharmarium. The bar/restaurant, Read More

Last week it was my birthday, but I don’t like to fuss about birthdays anymore. When I was young I could hardly wait for the years to pass. I wanted to be older, so that people would take me seriously. Now I’d rather be young. Who cares whether I’m taken seriously or not. I don’t like to be reminded that yet another birthday, Read More

Let’s put things into perspective. When it comes to food, we each have very different preferences. Even within the same culture or the same family, tastes are very different. There are some universally liked foods like pizza, french fries, or pasta. But even for those, there are as many haters as there are lovers., Read More

Romania is a country with an old culinary tradition. From the villages of Transylvania to the capital city of Bucharest, almost anywhere you stop to eat you’ll find fresh, delicious foods. Romanians like to cook and good food has always been a part of their culture. Traditional Romanian dishes are neither elegant nor fancy, but they are very tasty. Throughout the centuries, Romanian cuisine has been influenced, Read More

Some weeks ago I gave you 10 reasons to fall in love with Maui. If you didn’t visit Maui yet, maybe you should read this post first. Today I’m going to give you a little insight into three of best places to eat on Maui. We have been eating our way through this island  for, Read More

  When you start planning your travel, what is the first thing you google? Is it airfare, hotel prices, tourist attractions, or is it food? Even if food is not my first priority, I always make a list of some good places to eat in the area we plan to visit. However,  I have to admit, Read More

      I’ll be the first to admit that 5 days  will not give you enough time to draw a definitive conclusion about how food is or is not in a new city. And when it comes to food there are probably as many tastes out there as there are recipes, so it’s very difficult to, Read More

      Napa Valley is one of my favorite destinations in Northern California: partly because my son attended college in that area and I have many sweet memories about those years, partly because of its idyllic location, but mainly because it is the Wine Country and I am a red wine lover.     , Read More

         It is for a good reason that Budapest’s markets are so famous. Just stroll into the Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) on any day of the week and you’ll understand why locals and tourists are crowding the building just alike. From the moment you step in, the smell of freshly baked strudels, Read More