Chances are you may have never heard of a church in Istanbul named Chora. Before I traveled to Turkey and started researching Istanbul’s attractions I didn’t know about it either. But nothing you may read about Chora Church can prepare you for the revelation you’ll have when you see it. If I were to name one church in, Read More

        If there is one thing that best reflects the spirit of Istanbul that is the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s liveliest markets. You can loose yourself for hours in this maze of stores, booths, workshops, and storehouses, along with cafés, restaurants and exchange offices. There is even a mosque, a, Read More

      I think cities are a lot like people: different looks, different personalities, different social and ethnic backgrounds. And also like people, some you like and some you don’t. Before my trip to Istanbul I did a lot of web-surfing and reading about the city. What intrigued me was that all those who write about this place seem, Read More

Hagia Sophia Ground floor

I can’t remember when I first heard about Hagia Sophia, it must have been way back in my high school years, but since then I’ve always wanted to go see it. It took me 40 years to finally get to Istanbul, the City of the World’s Desire and of many wonders, so I find it, Read More

  When you start planning your travel, what is the first thing you google? Is it airfare, hotel prices, tourist attractions, or is it food? Even if food is not my first priority, I always make a list of some good places to eat in the area we plan to visit. However,  I have to admit, Read More

      I’ll be the first to admit that 5 days  will not give you enough time to draw a definitive conclusion about how food is or is not in a new city. And when it comes to food there are probably as many tastes out there as there are recipes, so it’s very difficult to, Read More

            Istanbul is an interesting mix of Oriental and Western civilization where the former tends to overshadow the latter. Like most of Turkey, the majority of Istanbul’s population is of Islamic religion. Although two thirds of the city lie in Europe and although its Christian history is much longer than its Islamic one, Istanbul still feels, Read More

  It is difficult to judge a city of the size of Istanbul after a 5 day trip, but if I were to describe the little that I saw of it in just a few words, I would say: huge, crowded, majestic and unique. Huge, because the city boundaries cover almost 2,000 square kilometers, while the, Read More