Budapest Day Trip to Szentendre – Guide for First Time Visitors

    Budapest Day Trip to Szentendre – Guide for First Time Visitors

    Ever since I first came to Budapest, my Hungarian friends kept telling me that I should visit Szentendre. But why would I want to spend time away from my beloved Budapest, just to see a small provincial town? The only thing I really knew about Szentendre was that it’s home to some nice small museums and cute souvenir shops, but that didn’t impress me too much. So for a few good years I totally ignored it. Until last September when I finally decided it’s time for a Budapest day trip to Szentendre. 

    The main square in Szentendre
    The main square in Szentendre

    Budapest Day Trip to Szentendre

    Truth is that if you’ve seen most of Budapest you may want to escape for a day trip to Szentendre. The town has a very interesting history. This area was initially populated by Illyrians, then some celtic tribes moved in and then the Romans came and built a castle here and called the town Ulcisia Castra.

    Strolling the streets on a day trip to Szentendre
    Cobblestone street in Szentendre

    Later on the Avars, Serbs, Hungarians and Bulgarians arrived. Much of the town’s history is connected with the Serbs who built eight  orthodox churches here. Today Szentendre has about 25,000 inhabitants.

    How to Get to Szentendre From Budapest

    Proximity to Budapest

    The town is ideal as it is located only 20km north of Budapest on Danube bend.and can be easily accessed either by train,  by boat, or by bus. The only train going to Szentendre is the HÉV suburban railway line from Batthyány tér (on the Metro red line). The trip is relatively short, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the town. From May to September you can also reach Szentendre by boat. The river cruises depart from Vigadó square or Batthyány square. This may be an even more enjoyable way to get to Szentendre during the hot summer months months. Another option is the bus that leaves daily from Budapest’s Újpest-Városkapu bus station (on the Metro blue line) and takes about 25-30 minutes to arrive. 


    If you are a bike enthusiast, biking to Szentendre makes a very enjoyable day trip from Budapest. The total riding time is 1.5-2 hours  and the terrain is almost level, with mostly smooth concrete. Once in Szentendre you can can stop for a bite and then continue exploring the town by bike. If you want to continue biking, be advised that almost all the streets are cobblestone and some are even uphill, so it may get tiring. But you also have the option to park your bike somewhere and continue on foot. On the return, if you are tired, you can just load your bike onto the HÉV and ride back to town.

    What to Do on a Day Trip to Szentendre

    Szentendre (pronounced Sen-ten-dreh, St. Andrew) is a very popular tourist destination for people visiting the Hungarian capital. Arguably, the cute little town is very touristy, but that doesn’t take away from its charm. The lovely cobblestone streets with colorful houses will take you back in time. Szentendre is small enough to be explored by foot. From the train station it takes only a few minutes to reach the the main square and the promenade.

    Brouse the Souvenir Shops and Art Galleries

    You can wander around the whole day looking at the art galleries, browsing the arts and crafts shops, or tasting the local foods. 

    View of the Saint János Roman Catholic Church Szentendre
    View of the Saint János Roman Catholic Church Szentendre

    Visit the Churches and Museums in Szentendre

    There are some great churches that you can visit and numerous small museums. We particularly liked the Marzipan Museum which has a very interesting collection of pastries made entirely out of marzipan. There is also Margit Kovacs ceramics museum (the most famous ceramic artist in Hungary) and the Mikro Art museum that has very unique collection of microminiature works.  If you want to buy authentic artisan souvenirs like table linen, handwoven kitchen towels, or old crochet laces, Szentendre is the best place to find these country style articles.

    Discover the Hidden Part of Szentendre

    But if you really want to experience the town’s flavor, you should wander off the main streets to find hidden shops, beautiful old homes and baroque churches. At the top of the hill, from the Roman Catholic churchyard, you’ll have a beautiful view of the town below and the red-tile rooftops. And before you call it a day, take a little stroll along the Danube for a blissful view of the river. 

    Budapest Day Trip to Szentendre - view of the Danube
    View of the Danube from the Roman Catholic Church

    When to Visit Szentendre

    Szentendre makes an easy day trip from Budapest and is beautiful year-round. Because it’s so popular, in summer the town’s streets swarm with tourists who flock here for a few hours of exploring. If you don’t like the crowds, you should visit it in late fall or early spring.

    Budapest day trip to Szentendre

    Szentendre is just one of the many beautiful day trips you can take from Budapest. Other popular day trips are Eger Castle, the Miscolc-Tapolca Cave Baths and Esztergom.

    Have you visited Szentendre? If you did, I’d like to hear about your experience.

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    Budapest day trip to Szentendre