The Weekly Postcard: Women’s Bridge in Puerto Madero

    The Weekly Postcard: Women’s Bridge in Puerto Madero
    Puerto Madera, Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge)
    Last updated: December, 2018

    Today’s postcard features the famous bridge Puente de la Mujer (Women’s Bridge) in Puerto Madero, the business district of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Perhaps the most iconic structures of Buenos Aires, Puente de la Mujer was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2001. The bridge took over three years to built and the construction was done in Spain, then taken over in parts to Buenos Aires. The shape of he bridge represents a couple dancing Tango, more precisely the movement of a man leaning over a woman while dancing. Interestingly enough, the sophisticated bridge that arches over Rio de la Plata is open for pedestrian passage only.

    As I was looking at it I kept wondering if it’s the elegance of the architectural lines that prompted the name “Women’s Bridge” or if it’s something else… But actually the bridged was named as such because all the streets of Puerto Madero are named for famous Argentine women. Puente de la Mujer is particularly beautiful at night,  when the whole structure lights up making its asymmetrical shape even more interesting when projected on the dark sky.

    The Puerto Madero neighborhood is very different from the rest of Buenos Aires. The area is much newer, with lots of big name hotels, wide and well maintained streets, very tall and modern buildings and lots of cafés and nice restaurants. The bridge is located just a few blocks directly behind Casa Rosada (which is the President’s palace). To get there, take subway (Line C) to Plaza De Mayo stop then walk towards the dams.