The Weekly Postcard: Dresden’s Skyline at Night

    The Weekly Postcard: Dresden’s Skyline at Night
    Dresden's Skyline at Night

    This week’s photo features the Old City (Altstadt) Dresden at night. For many centuries Dresden was the royal residence for the kings of Saxony. Throughout its tumultuous history the city continued to be a major center of art, classical music, science and culture. Although the city had no military significance during the Second World War it was however located in Nazi Germany, which gave the Allies sufficient justification to completely destroy it. After the war, when Germany was divided, Dresden ended up in the Russian sector. During the Soviet occupation several parts of the city have been rebuilt in a modern style, but many churches, palaces and royal buildings have been demolished instead of being repaired. After the Communist era the majority of the historic buildings and the city’s cultural landmarks have been restored to their original beauty. Today Dresden is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. There are very few city skylines more striking than that of Dresden. Over the centuries many artists – like the famous Canaletto – tried to capture its breathtaking panorama. This photo was taken in the exact same spot where Canaletto painted his famous painting.