How to Dress Like a European – The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Europe

    How to Dress Like a European – The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Europe

    If you ever traveled to Europe, you probably noticed that Europeans always seem nicely dressed and well put-together. Even when they they are casually dressed. Packing for Europe has always been an emotional process for me. It’s no secret that I love to dress up (almost) as much as I love to travel. So if you want to blend in when traveling to Europe, this packing guide for Europe will give you an idea about how to dress like a European. But before I tell you what to pack for Europe, there are a few things you need to know about European fashion.

    What Do People Wear in Europe?

    While in North America we tend to favor comfort over style, in Europe people are way more concerned about the way they look. European fashion is about chic. You don’t see many Parisians wearing something ill-fitting or unflattering.

    How to dress like a European

    Traditionally, clothing is much more expensive in Europe than in other parts of the world. Especially in big cities like Paris, or Rome, or London. However, the quality is also very different. European fashion is about chic, good quality and perfect fit. European women always look perfectly put-together. They may not have many outfits, but what they wear is of good quality and fits nicely. 

    What to wear in Europe

    Your packing list for for Europe will vary, depending on your European destination. Packing for Paris or for Rome, will certainly differ from packing for the Swiss Alps, or the villages in Germany. 

    Why It Matters What You Wear in Europe

    When traveling to Europe remember that people seeing you briefly for the first time will judge you completely by your appearance and will treat you accordingly. As a traveler, most of your personal contact will be with hotel clerks and restaurant waiters. To get a good table and good service you need to dress as if you deserve it. Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

    Many people claim that they don’t dress for others and they can wear whatever they want. But is that really true? Deep down everyone is seeking approval and acceptance in one way or another.  The clothes you wear make a lot of difference because they say a lot about you. So, like it or not, the way you dress tells others who you are. Or who you want to be!

    European Style Clothes for Women

    If you want to dress like a European woman, think chic and elegant. You don’t need to wear a cocktail dress or high heel shoes in order to be elegant. All you need is pair up your clothes in such a way that you don’t look like a hiker. There is a great variety of clothes and shoes which can be both comfy and chic. So here is what you could wear in Europe as a woman:

    • Comfortable shoes 

    European streets, subways and busses are very crowded, so open toe shoes or are not a good choice, even if it’s hot.

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    I prefer brands like Clarks, Eco, Merrell or Born, whose shoes have the best cushion, elasticity and durability. 


    •Dresses, skirts, dress pants, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops 

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    Depending on the season, you  should bring some short-sleeve/long-sleeve tops, a sweater dress to wear with tights, a skirt and some dress pants. All these items are a must for your Europe packing list.

    What to pack for Europe

    Wearing jeans is not my first choice, but if you wear them with a pair of boots, a nice top and a blazer, you’ll be just fine. 

    What to pack for Europe

    For fall or spring, a trench coat or a blazer that you can wear over your dress, or with any pair of pants.

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    • Scarfs and accessories

    Scarfs, belts, and some costume jewelry are great accessories for your outfits. They add color and style to any outfit and they are easy to carry around. You can wear the same dress three days in a row, yet make it look like a different outfit if you wear it with a scarf, a belt, or a piece of jewelry. I have a great collection of scarfs and belts which are always part of my packing list for Europe.

    European Style Clothes for Men

    As a woman, you can easily find fashion ideas and guidelines, especially when it comes to packing for Europe. But as a male, the packing guides out there are pretty vague. Although, men are quite often equally preoccupied with the way they look. When traveling to Europe you’ll need to make a little investment into some good quality clothes. Think  basic luxury. Also, make sure your clothes fit nicely and don’t sag. Europeans love their clothes to fit a little slimmer, almost tight. Therefore, if you want to look Parisian, don’t wear baggy clothes!

    How to dress like a European male

     Also, if you want to dress like a European, layer up: shirt, sweater and coat on top. Men in Europe love to wear layers, especially during the colder seasons. 

    • Pick slacks over jeans and shirts over T-hirst

    Leave the jeans and T-shirts for your travels to Las Vegas and pack a couple of pairs of slacks, a few casual shirts and a nice blazer when you travel to Europe. Most importantly, reconsider the synthetics, but keep leather, cashmere, denim, cotton and  linen. 

    How to dress like a European

    If you travel during the cold season, a good quality coat (which may be a bit pricier), a cashmere turtleneck and a scarf will really give you an edge.

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    • Choose the right shoes

    It’s much easier for men to find comfortable shoes, since you are not after high heels. Grab some leather pointed shoes in neutral colors, like blacks and browns. Make sure they are always polished and clean. It’s important to choose comfortable shoes, with thicker rubber sole, that can absorb shock. In Europe you’ll most likely do a lot of walking and thin soles will give you a lot of pain.

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    What NOT to Wear in Europe

    I get asked pretty often if the Europeans wear shorts, or jeans, or tennis shoes. The answer is “yes,” they do wear shorts and tennis shoes when they go hiking, or to the beach. Or when they play tennis. But not in the city. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see any person in Europe wearing sneakers or ripped jeans. There are many European youngsters who “slobber” over looking like a Gringo and dress sloppy, but that doesn’t define Europe.

    So, before I tell you what to pack for Europe, here is a list of clothes that you shouldn’t wear in a big European city: 

    • Shorts and sweat pants 

    Shorts and sweat pants will be frowned upon in most European cities, therefore you shouldn’t include them in your packing list. Unless you are planning to go hiking in the mountains, or go to the beach, short snd sweat pants are a no-no in most European cities. Aside from looking touristy, you are likely to be denied admission to many venues (concert halls, churches, museums) or fine restaurants.

    What not to wear in Europe
    Tourists in Piazza Navona in Rome

    Tennis Shoes, Converse and Flip-Flops

    Flip-flops and sneakers may be popular among the youngsters in many countries. In fact, they are so popular in California that most young people wear them everywhere. But nothing screams ‘tourist’ like bouncing down the streets of Europe in Flip-flops, converse, or tennis shoes! 

    What not to wear in Europe
    Tourists in Milan

    • Flashy colors and clothing embellished with flags or chauvinistic slogans 

    Patriotic or flashy logos may work in the USA, but they are considered ostentatious and perceived as a lack of class in Europe. Americans love to wear strong colors and patterns, but Europeans like subtle colors. Wearing bright, flashy colors will signal that you are a tourist from a mile away, therefore you should stay away from them.


    • Cameras around your neck

    We all love to take home digital memories from our travels, but wearing your camera around your neck wherever you go is bad taste. Besides, broadcasting to everyone that you are a tourist may increase your risk of attracting thieves. 

    What not to wear in Europe

    It’s best to keep your camera in a bag and take it out only when you are planning to use it.

    Where to buy good quality clothes in Europe

    If you live in a small town where it’s difficult to find fancy clothes, don’t panic. You can always do some shopping while visiting Europe. Don’t get set back by the huge prices you see displayed in the windows. Get in and look through the inventory. You’ll be surprised how many great deals you can find, even in the most sophisticated stores. In fact, I strongly encourage you to buy some good quality clothing from Europe. You’ll most likely turn some heads when you wear them back home.


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    How to dress like a European


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